Carnival gets underway in Venice

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Venice celebrates the first full day of Carnival with a parade of brightly-decorated boats through the city’s canals. Diane Hodges reports.

Carnival gets underway in Venice

This year’s Carnaval season is underway in the city of Venice.

Scores of boats representing different organizations, or maybe none at all, (nat of man in bathrobe shouting, “I love you!”) paraded through the city’s waterways to mark the first full day of the annual celebration.

They were cheered on by revelers who had come from all over the world for the party.


“I expect joy and happiness, to have fun. Venice is beautiful as it is but with the carnival it’s even better.”


“I’m looking forward to the start of the festivities. This year it’s even more special, with my son, because I think the carnival is more for the children than for adults.”

The Carnival season marks the final ten days before the beginning of the religious observance of Lent, when many Christians fast or abstain from certain pleasures.

The Venice Carnival had fallen into decline but was revived in 1979 and has now become one of the most famous in the world, filling the city with colorful costumes and smiles.

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