Casio’s refined technology contributing to improved social life

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Tokyo, Nov 25 (ANI): Casio Computer has announced a new concept movie camera called “Outdoor Recorder – EX-FR100”. It is a new model of digital camera series “Exilim”. The launch event was recently held in Tokyo. In 1995, Casio released the world’s first consumer digital camera with LCD monitor. Since then, the company has been creating the new culture of “visual communication”. The product has a unique function called “intelligent interval”, which automatically selects the best shots based on variables such as the clarity of images determined by the movement. Casio proposes to market this Outdoor Recorder as a new genre of visual communication gear, targeting the recent growing trend toward the outdoor recreation in Japan and rest of the world. The new Outdoor Recorder will launch on December 11. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is trying to improve the supporting technology for the infrastructure of Mass transportation.

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