Catering to canines on National Dog Day

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A New York City restaurant showcases its ‘dog menu’ in honor of U.S. National Dog Day. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Catering to canines on National Dog Day

Celebrating National Dog day on the upper East Side of Manhattan.

The city’s Vero Cafe showcased its chef-inspired dog menu Friday to coincide with National Dog Day.

The restaurant began serving puppy platters earlier this year, after New York state passed a law allowing dogs to eat at restaurants, that is as long as they were outdoors.

Vero owner Sammy Musovic.


“Before we were only allowed to serve water. Now they passed this new law where dogs are allowed to stay in an outdoor cafe and we’re able to serve a little treat, like chicken, meatballs, even doggy pizza, like fun stuff. We’re constantly refining the menu and we want to continue. It’s been working out great.”

Friday’s menu options included a pooch pizza for $12, $9 for chicken and $14 meatballs

And the dogs love it.

Or at least most of them.


“The dogs had filet mignon, meatballs and roasted chicken. And they devoured everything. It was just delicious watching them.”

For diners — sometimes it is just nice to have sympathetic company.

And it’s also been good for business with sales up 30 percent since Vero began catering to dogs..

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