Cheers! Munich’s Oktoberfest is here

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Munich’s 183rd Oktoberfest kicks off with the traditional tapping of the first beer from the first keg – and the clinking of glasses. Gavino Garay reports.

Cheers! Munich’s Oktoberfest is here

A little rain wasn’t enough get in the way of an iconic German tradition.

It instead put them in the mood for a heavy pour — at what is the 183rd annual Oktoberfest in Munich.

It’s dubbed the world’s largest, rowdiest and most famous beer festival.

But before visitors from around the world descend into party-mode… a matter of formality.

The tapping of the keg at noon SHARP by the city’s mayor to declare the festival, open.


Visitors like Andreas Robert say they won’t let security concerns following a series of attacks in Europe over the summer spoil their food and drink.


“It doesn’t bother me at all. It could happen anywhere, but why should it happen here? I don’t have any concerns.”

Authorities say they’ve taken measures like enhancing security checks to improve safety without changing the mood of Oktoberfest.

With its roots dating back to a royal 1810 Bavarian wedding so extravagant that it turned into a yearly tradition… it’s that time of year again to drink and be merry in Germany.

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