Chess: Carlsen Retains World Champion Title

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Defeating Indian challenger Viswanathan Anand, Norway’s Magnus Carlsen on Sunday retained his World Champion title.


As predicted, Anand played it safe in the initial phase of the game, but as Carlsen was playing white, he started by moving his king pawn two squares forward and transporting the game into Ruy Lopez-Berlin defence. 


Continuing from there, Anand then moved into a fighting strategy when he moved his bishop to d7 in move 9 of the game. Carlsen not expecting a Berlin defence blitzed along for the first 12 moves.


The game taxied along from there with Carlsen moving his knight to control space and constrict Anand to the back ranks. Anand then, on move 23, offered a pawn as sacrifice, but Carlsen declined the sacrifice so as to avoid any complications later on.  


It all went downhill for Anand from there as on move 24, Anand went for exchange sacrifice giving up his rook for Carlsen’s black bishop, the move soon backfired as he didn’t have a sufficient counter play for his bluff and soon lost the game in just 45 moves.


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