China adopts two-child policy

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After relaxing its rules for some couples in 2013, China will ease family planning restrictions even further to allow all couples to have two children after decades of a strict one-child policy, the ruling Communist Party said on Thursday. Rob Muir reports.

China adopts two-child policy

The one-child policy has been central to Chinese family planning policy since the late 1970s.

It was introduced to prevent population growth spiraling out of control…but now China’s Communist Party says it is implementing a new policy.

It will allow all couples to have two children.

The party says the decision is “an active response to an aging population”…and it’s driven by data.

One in every three Chinese is forecast to be over 60 by the middle of the century, with a dwindling proportion of working adults to support them.

Details about the new policy have not yet been released, nor a time frame for its implementation.

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