China spree fuels Asia M&A

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2015 saw around $4.5 trillion worth of M&A deals, and while most were in the US or Europe, Asia is catching up fast, driven by China’s massive company-buying spree. Tara Joseph reports.

China spree fuels Asia M&A

If you don’t have it in house – buy it.

Chinese companies have been on an overseas spending spree in 2015 – fueling a record year for deals in Asia-Pacific…

Mergers and acquisitions topping the trillion dollar mark for the first time ever, and it looks like there are still many more checks to be written.


“Bankers are licking their lips at the prospects for another surge in Asia M&A transactions in 2016. It’s been a sweet spot in an industry plagued with job cuts and change.”

Topping the list for Chinese buy-ups in 2015 – tech deals…

Firms spending big on cutting edge products to boost manufacturing and cut pollution.

Beijing also keen to cut in on the highly competitive microchip market – backing a deal worth nearly 50 billion dollars to make the state-run Tsinghua Unigroup the world’s third largest chipmaker.

Another big one – China’s National Chemical Corporation splashing out nearly 8-billion dollars for a stake in Italian tiremaker Pirelli – the largest ever European purchase for a Chinese firm.

China’s push abroad is part of the government’s plan to “go global” —

It wants to build multinationals that can compete both at home and abroad as a way to balance out the slowing economy.

But beyond growth, there’s also the matter of status…

Beijing determined to leave it’s mark on the worldwide business stage, as well as the political arena.

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