Chinese taking over employment opportunities in Pakistan

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Lahore (Pakistan), Aug 28 (ANI): A 25-year-old civil engineer Pan Denghao is one of the growing numbers of Chinese pioneers sensing an opportunity across Pakistan, where Beijing has pledged to spend $57 billion on infrastructure projects as part of its “Belt and Road” initiative. Pan lamented the oppressive Pakistani heat but conceded the money and jobs on offer exceeded what young people like him could expect in Pakistan. Numbering in the thousands, this second wave of Chinese arrivals are following in the wake of workers on Belt and Road projects. Some are opening restaurants and language schools, while others are working out what products they could sell to a market of 190 million people. But the new arrivals face dangers, creating a headache for Pakistani security officials. For Pakistan, the stakes in keeping all those Chinese nationals safe are high. Beijing’s infrastructure splurge has helped revive Pakistan’s sputtering economy, and deepening ties between the two nations have turned Pakistan into a key cog in China’s grand plan to build a modern-day ‘Silk Road’ of land and sea trade routes linking Asia with Europe and Africa.

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