Christians across India attend midnight mass prayers on Christmas Eve

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New Delhi,Mumbai,Bengaluru, Dec 25 (ANI): Christians across India soaked in festive spirit as they sang carols in decked up churches while attending special midnight mass prayers on the Christmas Eve. The midnight mass precedes the Christmas day when people sing Christmas carols in Churches celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated across the world on December 25. Christians and people of different faiths thronged the Sacred Heart Cathedral in New Delhi to offer their prayers and revel in the festivities. In Mumbai and Bengaluru city, bishops performed rituals and organised prayer sessions in the beautifully decorated churches after which they took the idol of baby Jesus Christ around the Church for devotees to have a glance. In a country where Christians are in minority, Christmas has come to mean getting together with friends, giving presents and hosting dinners. Christmas celebrations are though complete only with carols, cakes, candles and glittering Christmas trees.

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