Christmas bushfire misery hits Australia

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Bushfires over Christmas have destroyed dozens of homes in the Australian state of Victoria. Paul Chapman reports.

Christmas bushfire misery hits Australia

The remains of homes destroyed by bushfires on Christmas Day in the Australian state of Victoria, still smouldering a day later.

At least 100 along the picturesque Great Ocean Road fell victim to the flames.

Residents were forced to abandon Christmas celebrations and flee for their lives as the fires raged towards them.

The bushfires started with a lightning strike on December 19th.

They’ve already burned through nearly 5, 000 hectares of land.

Officials are warning the risk of fire for the area and the state will remain high possibly for weeks, after forecasts of a long, hot, dry summer.

Victorian authorities say government grants of 950 U.S. dollars are being offered to help those who’ve lost their homes.

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