Closed for business in Brussels

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Belgians feel stress after warnings of a “serious and imminent” threat of militant attack, prompting the shutdown of the metro, stores and shopping centers. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Closed for business in Brussels

Closed for business in the center of Brussels.

Shops closed at midday–after the threat level was raised to the maximum implying a “serious and imminent threat.”

Shoppers were taken by surprise after the Prime Minister announced the new measures saying police had recovered weapons and explosives during a house search the night before.

Some thought it was the right approach.

But not everyone.


“This is giving the advantage to this so-called terrorism. Because people are stuck at home and do nothing, nothing. This morning they canceled all the football matches, why? For nothing. The shops, for nothing. We are doing the terrorists a favor. It’s like ‘look, everybody is at home, the shops are closed’. No, we have to go on living.”

With the threat level high, the metro system was also closed down.

The moves come about a week after the Paris attacks carried out by Islamic State militants — including one suspect from Brussels who is is still at large.

Security is also tightened at hotels, including the Radisson Blu — a day after 19 people were killed during an attack on the Radisson Blu in the Bamako, the capital of Mali

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