Coexistence of temple, mosque creates atmosphere of religious unity

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Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Oct 23 (ANI): Kanpur is the largest city in Uttar Pradesh. The city has a mix population of Hindus and Muslims who live together and present a perfect example of communal harmony. This can be exemplified by looking at the centuries old Shiv-Hanuman Mandir in the heart of city which stands beside a mosque. A number of devotees throng both the shrines every day irrespective of their religious beliefs. The mosque and temple located in the same area reflects on a history of religious concord. There is no religious strife here as both Hindus and Muslims have been praying here, respecting each other’s religion. This spirit of brotherhood among the people is a perfect example of communal harmony. The temple and mosque are seen as the symbol of unity, oneness and brotherhood and Kanpur has set an example of communal harmony to the country where people of all religions and beliefs can live together peacefully.

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