Coimbatore man enters Guinness World Record, dubs documentary in 15 languages

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Coimbatore, Aug 29 (ANI): Chitturi Sai Gunanidhi Prudhvi Rajh from Hyderabad has made a Guinness World Record by dubbing a documentary in 15 different languages. The primary objective of this world record is to bring into limelight the historical monuments in India. Dr. Subramanion, a Guinness World Record holder in online teaching, coordinated the record attempt, while Dr. Jagadeesh Pillai of Varanasi from the field of multimedia and Guinness Record holder coordinated the multimedia part of the attempt. Son of Dr. Chitturi Ravikumar and Dr. Chitturi Madhavi Padma, dental surgeons from Hyderabad, Rajh has also produced a documentary Lepakshi and another one Sarnath, ‘The Sacred Place titled Dhamek Stupa’.

Watch the Video below

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