Communal Harmony perfectly exemplified through theatre play, ‘Kabira Khada Bazaar Me’

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New Delhi, April 21 (ANI): The jam packed auditorium of Shri Ram Centre in Delhi, clearly reflected the fact that love for art still remain in modern hearts… What else clearly got refleted through the place was the performance, which included the theme of communal harmony. These artists performing in the stage, belongs to the NGO group named Sehmat.. They have all gathered here not just to celebrate the age old ethos but also to convey the message towards which it aims to work for. People in auditorium were mesmerized with the performance by the artists. The reason behing the charm was the play, ‘Kabira Khada Bazaar Me’, written by Bhishma Sahni. The story took the audience back to those days when riots and discrimination between Hindus and Muslims were common in a society.

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