Costa Rica volcano continues to emit ash

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Turrialba volcano continues to spew ash in Cartago, 45km east of San Jose, Costa Rica, two days after it erupted, prompting authorities to suspend the country’s main airport. Eruptions sent ash clouds 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) of into the air.

Costa Rica volcano continues to emit ash

Volcano forces Costa Rica’s main airport to closeSan José (Costa Rica) – 20 September 2016 05:04 – AFP The Costa Rican authorities suspended operations at the country’s main airport Monday after the nearby Turrialba volcano erupted, sending a thick ash cloud into the sky.The San Jose international airport was temporarily closed for security reasons because the volcanic ash could cause problems for planes, the civil aviation authority said.Airport sources said eight approaching flights were diverted as the order was given, some to the north of the country and others to El Salvador.Turrialba erupted twice Monday, first at dawn and again just before noon. The second eruption sent an ash cloud 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) into the air.The volcano stands 35 kilometers (20 miles) from the capital.on/jhb/grf

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