Couple Donates Property, Body Organs, Entire Time To People

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In a time when people are self-obsessed and least bothered about happiness of others, there has emerged a couple which begged to differ. In a development that promises to bring smile on faces of many, Ashish Gupta and wife Pinky, hailing from Pilibhit, U.P, have donated their property, house, body organs and their precious time to the people.


Manoj Tripathi, Ashish’s neighbour, said that he has dedicated his entire property, including the house which he lives in to the people, adding that it is an inspiration for the generation.

Ashish strives to remove the negativity and animosity in the society by doing such generous act. He hopes that people will follow the suit and move in a positive direction.

Ashish has donated his eyes for two different people ar Ram Murthy College and his internal organs at another medical college.

Ashish’s better-half Pinky is happy with his dedication towards the society and hopes other will gain inspiration from him.


Ashish’s neighbour applauded his dedication for others saying that he has set a different goal for himself, that is to help the poor, children, old and handicapped people in the society. 

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