Crop procurement facilities bring cheer to farmers in Punjab

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Ludhiana, Punjab, Nov 05: Punjab’s contribution to growth of India’s farm sector is noteworthy. The state, that is rightly termed the ‘Food Bowl of India’, continues to grow a variety of crops, fruits and vegetables, making the nation self-sufficient. The state government too has taken several initiatives to facilitate the farmers by introducing new facilities at the markets. In 2007, the Punjab Mandi Board expanded the Ludhiana Mandi so that farmers coming from any part of the state can sell their produce without any hassles. A new cold storage facility was established to store fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides, roads across the state are being built to help farmers reach mandis without any problems. Various initiatives taken by the state government has made it easier for the farmers, who now do not have to wait at the markets to sell their produce and get their payment. The new technologies introduced by the government have also proved to be a boon for the traders, making it easier for them to lift the crop. Apart from the traditionally grown crops, progressive farmers in Punjab are now taking up floriculture and horticulture. Some of the farmers have even taken up banana cultivation. This government’s initiatives for revamp of the agriculture sector has proved to be a boon

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