Daniel Radcliffe not interested in Potter return

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Daniel Radcliffe says returning to Harry Potter isn’t something he would be interested in, as he opens the Empire Live festival in London with two new indie movies. Rollo Ross reports.

Daniel Radcliffe not interested in Potter return

Since the Harry Potter franchise ended, British actor Daniel Radcliffe has chosen to set his acting sights on more challenging roles in independent cinemas.

He launched two of his latest films at the new British film festival Empire Live!, ‘Imperium’ in which he plays an idealistic FBI agent dealing with white supremacists and ‘Swiss Army Man’ in which he plays a flatulent corpse, who in one scene is used as a gas-powered jet ski.

SOUNDBITE actor Daniel Radcliffe, saying (English):

“We had somebody from like a science magazine or somebody made the calculations on what pressure gas would have to be coming out of a body to power it like a jet ski. It is a long way from possible, it is not something I would try at home.”

Pottermania has seen a resurgence recently with the hit West End show ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ and there’s the spin-off film ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ on its way. So would Daniel consider getting his wand out once again for Harry Potter?

SOUNDBITE actor Daniel Radcliffe, saying (English):

“Athis point…it’s not something I think I’d be interested in , and also if they do it now I feel they should just cast the people from the play [“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”] and use Jamie and those guys.”

So bad news for Potter fans, but good news for fans of flatulent corpses as ‘Swiss Army Man’ hits cinemas on September 30.

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