Dargah for all faiths in Raipur

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Raipur (Chhattisgarh), Dec 18 (ANI): Popularly known the ‘Dargah of Banjari wale Baba’, a shrine of a Muslim Saint Syed Sher Ali Agha in Raipur has been attracting people of all faiths. Devotees cutting across religious line, throng the shrine to seek the blessing of the holy saint. Hindus considers it as a temple while Muslims as the abode of Allah. Coconuts are also offered at Shrine by the Hindu devotees as per their traditions, which show their devotion towards the saint. The saint Syed Sher Ali Agha is believed to have come from Afghanistan in 1965. After that he started staying near Banjari wala Mandir in Raipur, where he became famous for his miracles. Slowly, people irrespective of their caste and community started visiting the saint’s residence to seek his blessings. After the saint’s death in 1982, a Shrine was constructed by his name, which is now being thronged by people of all faiths. The Shrine has thus become an exemplar of religious unity by drawing people from different faiths leaving aside their differences in order to fulfill their wishes.

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