Dattatreya temple in Karnataka attracts people from across faiths

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Kalaburagi (Karnataka), Oct 02 (ANI): India is a land of diverse cultures. Here, people from different religions, cultures, castes and creeds, have co-existed peacefully since time immemorial. This communion of faiths could be witnessed at several places all across India. Dattatreya temple in Kalaburagi city of Karnataka is one such place where devotees cutting across all religious lines throng the temple in service of their common God ‘Dutta’. Dattareya temple in Deval Ganagapur village, some 30 kilometres away from Kalaburagi city in Karnataka, is among the most visited religious destinations in southern India. The premises were teeming with pilgrims from Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Karnataka to participate in rituals and aarti performed in the temple. Leaving behind caste, creed and religious diversities, seen all across India, devotees come here in unison to pray and seek blessings from the three-headed god, Dattatreya. People from all over the country visit this place. The people who are facing lot of problem in their lives visit this place,” said Temple Priest Kallan Bhatt. According to the legend, Lord Dattatreya was born to Lord Brahma’s son, Atri and Anusaya, the daughter of Karjam Prajapati. Dattatreya at a very tender age left home in search of ‘absolute’, the ultimate reality. He wandered around Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh before attaining enlightenment at Ganagapur town in Karnataka. Among its devotees, Dattatreya is known to be a reincarnation of Lord Shiva. People believe that their Lord Dattatreya leads them to set aside their pride and develop love and compassion for other beings irrespective of their religious diversifications. Diluting all differences, his devotees too prostrate before their lord and follow the path enlightened by their beloved Lord.

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