Davos delegates swamped by global woes

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Robots, jobs and refugees will all be on the agenga as business leaders and politicians gather for the start of the World Economic Forum in Davos. But will they achieve anything? Laura Frykberg reports

Davos delegates swamped by global woes

Security is tight at the World Economic Forum in Davos, if only the rest of the world was as safe.

From the conflict in Syria, to the increasing power of the digital revolution.

The issues facing the world’s elite this year are harder than ever.

The organisation’s Managing Director is Philipp Roesler.


“We will discuss how to deal with the humanitarian crisis going on around the world, and also how we can improve social cohesion and help refugees. We also want to discuss the root causes and diplomatic challenges.”

The world economy is also on the agenda.

More than a trillion dollars of cash flows are thought to have fled emerging markets recently

Leaving them in a slow cycle of weak growth and investment.

CCLA Chief Investment Officer, James Bevan.


“The key challenge for Davos is if we can get structural change to supply. We need to see further investment in areas of the global economy that can genuinely deliver productivity, as productivity must be the foundation stone for long term sustainable real growth .”

Among those attending are leaders from regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Who openly jostle for influence in a region troubled by war and extremism.

Women’s rights and threats that Britain could leave the EU will also be touched on.

An itinerary so full it’s left many sceptical that the three day forum will have any effect on reality.

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