Days of shoveling remain for Washingtonians

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Despite a state of emergency declared for Washington, D.C.’s blizzard, many vehicles remain buried in snow on the city’s side streets. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Days of shoveling remain for Washingtonians

It’s supposed to be the calm after the storm.

But looking at the side streets in Washington, D.C., some residents would say it’s anything but.


“If you turn around, look at those, I mean people can’t even walk. This is ridiculous.”

The Mayor says it will take several more days for the city to return to normal after the massive blizzard dumped more than two feet of snow here.

And that means, many cars will remain parked on smaller streets… looking a lot like snowmen.


“The roads right now are not looking too good on the side streets. We happen to live on the main street and the main pathways look pretty good but we’re just digging out trying to get ahead of the ice storm.”

The remnants of the weekend’s storm has brought the nation’s capital to a standstill, with federal government offices ordered shut, Monday.

The city’s metro is on a limited schedule.

And despite an increase in resources deployed to clear the white stuff, a snow emergency remains in effect.

…with Washington residents taking matters — and shovels — into their own hands.

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