Deadly flood spread across China

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Floods across central and southern China kill more than one hundred people and force more than 1.3 million from their homes. Diane Hodges reports.

Deadly flood spread across China

Submerged cars and motorcycles mark where the streets are underneath the murky waters, and residents gaze from the porches and windows of their flooded homes.

Heavy rain this week has pushed flood waters across 11 provinces of China, killing scores of people. Dozens more are missing.

More than a million people have fled the rising waters so far, and more rain is expected.

The Chinese news agency, Xinhua, says the floods have caused some 38-billion yuan, or 5.6 billion dollars, in crop losses so far and the summer grain has yet to be harvested.

It also reports that in the southern province of Hunan, torrential rain and flooding had forced more than 100 trains to stop or take detours since midnight on Sunday.

In one city, about 3 tonnes of gasoline and diesel leaked from a petrol station and into a nearby river, it said.

With the waters still rising, officials are now casting worried eyes on the dikes that line many of the area’s waterways.

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