Death toll from Midwest floods hits 24

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Rain-swollen rivers in the U.S. Midwest force the evacuation of hundreds of residents, and threaten crops and livestock. Diane Hodges reports.

Death toll from Midwest floods hits 24

Rescue crews in the Midwest had to pluck this man from his pickup truck after flood waters stranded him in Eureka, Missouri.

Rivers swollen from days of rain have turned streets into rivers, and parking lots into lakes.

The rapidly-rising waters have prompted Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to implore motorists to be careful.


“If I can repeat one thing over and over, it would be not to drive into standing water.”

Many roads, including parts of Interstate 44, a major artery running from west Texas to St. Louis, are closed.

Hundreds have been evacuated ahead of the rising water. Some have been forced to flee before, like James Harris.

((sot: James Harris/Valley Park Resident)

“It wears you out. This is the last time I want to have to do this.

Several major rivers, including the Mississippi, are poised to crest at record or above-record levels.

Harris is worried that the levee that protects his home will collapse.

((sot: James Harris/Valley Park Resident)

“All the time, effort, and money spent on this levee. now we’re going to find out if it’s any good or not. it may not be.”

The waters have claimed 24 victims so far, in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

And in some areas, the water’s crest is still days or weeks away.

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