Debate could get blockbuster ratings

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TV networks could be the big winners from Monday’s presidential debate because the event is expected to attract Super Bowl-sized ratings. Lisa Bernhard reports.

Debate could get blockbuster ratings

A political slug-fest of Super Bowl proportions?

That’s the buzz ahead of Monday’s first presidential debate.

Media experts predicting a whopping 100 million viewers – not only blowing past prior feisty political match-ups but potentially rivaling the pigskin classic – traditionally the most-watched program of the year.

Reuters entertainment reporter Jill Serjeant:


“There’s an element of danger here. Trump has proven himself to be a complete wild card. We just never know what he’s going to come out with. And he’s a showman: this is a guy who also made his name as a reality TV star. On the other hand, we have Hillary Clinton. She’s the first female to be running for president in the US. So that makes it a really high-stakes event.”

At worst, viewership should still eclipse that of the all-time top-rated debate: 1980’s face-off between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, which pulled in 80 million viewers.

But remember: that face-off took place way before the internet, and even cable, splintered the viewing audience.

By comparison, this year’s Oscars – a ratings giant – pulled in a just 34 million viewers.

The wildly optimistic predictions for the Clinton-Trump duel also stemming from the two having already spun some Nielsen gold: his GOP convention speech is the year’s third most-watched event, her rival moment scored a 5th-place finish.

The Trump-Clinton face-off will air from New York’s Hofstra University across multiple networks for 90 minutes without commercial breaks.

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