Debate over Brexit

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Campaigning resumes ahead of Britain’s referendum on European Union membership after the killing of Labour MP Jo Cox. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Debate over Brexit


STORY: The campaign to decide Britain’s membership of the European Union restarted on Sunday (June 19) after a three-day hiatus following the killing of lawmaker Jo Cox, with leaders from both sides of the debate choosing to concentrate on immigration and the economy, seen as the two major factors that could influence voters.

Two opinion polls showed the ‘Remain’ camp recovering some momentum, although the overall picture remains one of an evenly split electorate ahead of the June 23 referendum.

With five days left until Britons cast their ballots, the rival campaigns returned with a raft of interviews and articles in Sunday’s newspapers, covering the familiar immigration versus economy debate that has defined the campaign so far.

Speaking at a Vote Leave rally in London on Sunday, former London Mayor Boris Johnson caused a laugh when he described the possibility of waking up to a victory for the Remain campaign.

“Then the cameras are going to Brussels where (European Commission President) Jean-Claude Juncker is celebrating with what looks suspiciously like champagne,” added Johnson.

Speaking earlier in the day on the Andrew Marr show, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn voiced concern over Remain campaigner Nigel Farage’s controversial poster.

“The far right have been able to grasp the agenda and Farage, for example, puts up that appalling poster, which has a picture of a lot of desperate people fleeing from war and saying they are coming to threaten us. Hello!” said Corbyn.

Corbyn, who has joined with Prime Minister David Cameron in urging Britain to remain in the bloc, said it was impossible to curb immigration while open borders were in tact but urged policy makers to focus on the causes of immigration and asylum seeking instead of the migrants themselves.

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