Deepika Padukone is now world’s 10th highest paid actress

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New Delhi, Aug 24 (ANI): Joining the league of Hollywood A-listers, Deepika Padukone recently made her way to the most coveted list of world’s highest-paid actresses by Forbes. While American actress Jennifer Lawrence topped the list for the second consecutive year with a whooping 46 million dollar payday, the 30-year old Bollywood actress secured the tenth spot with gross earnings of 10 million dollars. The ‘Hunger Games’ star’s impressive income majorly consists of a profit slice from 653.4 million, the box-office collection of the final film of ‘Hunger Games’ franchise and a mammoth upfront fee for the forthcoming space adventure movie ‘Passengers’. Following her, second in the list is Melissa McCarthy, notching 33 million dollars over 12 months. Together, the 10 highest-paid actresses of the world garnered a joint pre-tax amount of 205 million dollars between June 2015 and June 2016. Padukone is the only newcomer to the World’s Highest-Paid Actresses ranking and the only Indian star to make the cut. Forbes will release its list of the world’s highest-paid actors on August 25.

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