Defeated Naxals resort to arson of vehicles in Jharkhand

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Lohardaga (Jharkhand), Oct 27 (ANI): Naxals, whose presence and influence is rapidly shrinking across the country owing to sustained multi-dimensional efforts of the government, recently set a number of trucks on fire in Lohardaga district of Jharkhand in a desperate bid of reigniting their presence. Equipped with arms and ammunition, Naxals demanded levy from the people, largely employed in the bauxite-related work. On being denied money, they first thrashed locals and later set their vehicles on fire. This is not an exclusive case of Naxal-barbarity—they have repeatedly been carrying out such acts of horror in order to instil a sense of fear in locals. It is beyond comprehension as to who these Naxals want to benefit with their acts of destruction and extortion. They make huge claims of being the protectors of the tribal but are perpetually involved in hatching devious plots against them. However, tribals are now well aware of the sinister designs of Naxals and have rejected their ideology that essentially focuses on keeping the tribals backward and marginalised.

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