Delhi ‘rehearses’ car rationing measure

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The Delhi government has conducted a two-hour-long ‘rehearsal’ for agencies charged with enforcing car rationing measures to combat rising air pollution in the city. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Delhi ‘rehearses’ car rationing measure

Delhi’s government has mandated fewer cars on the city’s famously congested roads… aiming for a radical reduction in air pollution.

The rules come into affect for the new year but officials were out in force on the last day of 2015, for a two-hour rehearsal.

… in which fuel-based private vehicles with odd numbers will run on opposite days to cars with even numbers. But Sundays are free for all.

Delhi’s transport minister, Gopal Rai, says they’ve compensated with added train services and 3,000 extra buses for commuters.

…But those commuters who are divided on the new rules.

This man says he thinks the traffic situation AND pollution will improve. But others just don’t agree with the odd-even initiative.

The transport minister says 200 teams of personnel, authorized to fine violators, would be deployed across the city starting Friday…. Making sure the odd numbered cars only drive on odd dates, and vice-versa.

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