Dhaka cafe attack “mastermind” dead-police

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The supposed “mastermind” behind a deadly attack on a cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh is killed in a raid. Julie Noce reports.

Dhaka cafe attack “mastermind” dead-police

Police in Bangladesh said the alleged ‘mastermind’ behind the attack on a cafe last month in Dhaka is dead.

Early Saturday morning police raided a hideout on the outskirts of Dhaka where three militants were killed after refusing to surrender.

Police said the Bangladesh-born Canadian citizen Tamim Ahmed Chowdhury-who was thought to the leader behind the attack- was among those killed.

The blast on July 1st at cafe frequented by foreigners killed 22 people including Italians, Japanese and an American.

Islamic State had claimed responsibility for the attack, although the government has dismissed that claim.

Security experts say the scale and sophistication of the assault suggested links to trans-national networks.

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