Disabled teen in Kabul sketches with her mouth

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A disabled teenager in Kabul finds hope in creating pencil sketches with her mouth. Julie Noce reports.

Disabled teen in Kabul sketches with her mouth

Pencil sketches adorn a room in this humble home in the outskirts of Kabul.

Wildlife, and portraits all created by a 16 year old Afghan girl who only started drawing two years ago.

And she’s not using her hand.

Robaba Mohammadi was born without the use of some of her body parts. Paralysis curls her arms and legs and to this day, her parents and local doctors don’t know why.

The disability has prevented her from attending school- but didn’t stop her from picking up a new hobby.


“Before I starting drawing I was hopeless and when my sisters and brothers were going to school I always said to myself ‘See, they are younger than me but they have gained lots of knowledge, such as writing and studying but me, I am not even able to write my own name’. I was so depressed, I was crying two or three times a day.”

One day she hopes to show her work at an Islamic art museum in Toronto.

No wonder some of her favorite people to sketch are Canadian politicians.

Mohammadi says she loves to draw people who are always smiling- something she’s doing more of herself lately.

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