Does Bihar want ‘purane din’ of Chambal, asks PM Modi (Part 2)

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Gopalganj, Oct 30 (ANI): Continuing the jibe war of ‘ache din’ and ‘purane din’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi countered Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s remark of asking for ‘purane din’ (old days) back, Modi asked the people that whether Bihar wanted those old days back of kidnapping, rape, murder etc when there was no law and order in state. He reiterated that the grand-alliance has lost the essential balance which is explicitly reflected in their statements, which is deteriorating the level of debate. He also accused Nitish Kumar for turning all the natives of the state into ‘Bahari’ due to dearth of home job avenues in the state. Modi also questioned whether he fulfilled his promise of confiscating properties of corrupt leaders to construct schools, insinuating at Rashtriya Janata Dal Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and he being imprisoned in fodder scam.

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