Doggie heaven opens in Cape Town

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A ‘five-star’ hotel and daycare center for dogs opens its doors in South Africa’s Cape Town ahead of the Christmas holidays. Diane Hodges reports.

Doggie heaven opens in Cape Town

Who needs to be home for the holidays?

Certainly not these dogs enjoying five-star luxury this Christmas in Cape Town.

The Atfrits Dog Hotel and Daycare Center opened its doors earlier this month — with a client price tag of up to 45 dollars a day..

And amenities like a dog bar, complete with a social hour.

Owner Yanic Klue says demand couldn’t be higher.P


“It’s absolutely insane the amount of people who are flying their dogs down to Cape Town. I have a lady from Canada. She’s currently in South Africa and her dogs will be staying with us for a month. She will pick them up in the morning, spend the day with them and at night the dogs will come and sleep with us.”

There are suites set up for dogs of all kinds — whether it is enjoying the Jurassic Bark lounge or the Dogland Trump suite — or enjoying a personal massage.

And nervous owners can download an app if they are missing their pets.

But while the dogs may enjoy their own luxury vacation — there’s still no place like home

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