Dr. Harsh Vardhan To Lead Bjp Campaign For Delhi Polls

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Dr. Harsh Vardhan, who has been shifted from the health ministry, is likely to lead BJP’s campaign for the Delhi assembly polls. Although BJP has decided not to project a CM candidate, party sources said Harsh Vardhan was best suited to lead the party into polls.


Harsh Vardhan’s shift from the health ministry to the low-profile charge of science and technology and earth sciences came as a surprise, triggering speculation. BJP sources attributed this to “disappointment” with his risk-averse style and his reluctance to break the hold of “status quoists” in the ministry, even as they said the change had freed up time and space for Harsh Vardhan to focus on the Delhi campaign. 

Projection of the veteran Delhi politician–who, with a reputation for honesty is respected in party circles–as CM candidate in the election last year was identified as a key factor for the BJP finishing ahead of AAP. He also enjoys strong backing from RSS and this can help him take charge of the campaign. 


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