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Drone maker DJI lands in bustling Hong Kong | Webmarked News

Drone maker DJI lands in bustling Hong Kong

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Already a leader in the consumer drone market, Chinese firm DJI is sparing no expense in targeting eager tech consumers across Asia. As Tara Joseph reports, the company has opened a flagship store in a busy Hong Kong shopping district.

Drone maker DJI lands in bustling Hong Kong

Bringing these flying machines ever closer to eager consumers in Asia…

Chinese drone maker DJI opening up a flagship store in one of the most densely packed retails districts anywhere – right in the heart of Hong Kong.


“The DJI shop is just down the street but as you can see this is a major consumer shopping area it’s one of the biggest in the world it’s filled with shoe stores, candy stores, luxury goods stores It’s not exactly the place where you would think Hi-tech.”

But that’s a sign of how consumer patterns are changing…

with this kind of technology taking up retail space once reserved largely for high fashion.

Market researchers say global drone demand is growing by more than 30 percent every year…

hitting an expected 5 and a half billion dollars by the end of the decade.

And it’s not just the millenials who are buying them up.


“There is now people who have retired which are actually come to our store each week to learn about this and it’s something different from golf but you know we never thought about this target audience.”

So far DJI looks like its well ahead of the competition…

valued at nearly 6 times as much as GoPro which is planning to launch its first drone later this year.

Despite the popularity of drones in Asia, this isn’t the easiest of markets to enter.

Airspace is heavily congested, especially in southern China…

And Regulations are a big hassle – varying from country to country.

But where it can make its presence felt – DJI is doing just that…

like in South Korea, where it’s opened up its very own drone park – complete with an obstacle course.

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