Earthquake rocks central Italy

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A deadly quake devastates mountainous towns over a swathe of central Italy, trapping residents under piles of rubble. Natasha Howitt reports.

Earthquake rocks central Italy

Rescuers in central Italy search for the missing after a strong earthquake hit the region in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

At least twenty people are believed to have been killed in the quake, which hit when most residents were asleep.

The U.S. Geological Survey says it measured 6.2. in magnitude.

The towns of Amatrice and Accumoli were particularly badly hit.

Emergency services rushed to treat the victims.

Damage to the main hospital has meant patients are being moved onto the streets,

Over 60 aftershocks were reported in the four hours following the quake, the strongest reading 5.5. in magnitude.

Italy sits on two fault lines, making it one of the most seismically active countries in Europe.

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