EBARA launches vertical multistage pumps

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Las Vegas, Jan 20 (ANI): EBARA Corporation of Japan has recently launched vertical multistage pumps called EVMS. The pumps are manufactured with quality standard material to give the customers the advantage of portability. Vertical multistage pumps are mainly used in places having small area such as high-rise apartments, commercial complexes and offices in metro cities. These pumps are used globally and are manufactured in Italy. EBARA Pumps Europe Spa is a core production center of EVMS in Italy. Stamping and welding process of stainless steel is a core competence technology of EBARA Pumps Europe Spa. All manufacturing process of EVMS is managed with high standard of quality control system. All assembling process is standardized and improved continuously to increase the production capacity. Also they have Professional test facility. Reliability was made by high level of evaluation criteria. 100 years’ knowledge as a pump leading company is introduced into all R&D process. The special feature of the new product is pump impellers that succeeded in reducing a load on a motor by unique shape. The annual CES technology show is the place where the visitors given a first glance into what the future could look like. It showcases the most exciting emerging technologies of the industry. V

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