“El Chapo” meeting with Sean Penn led to capture

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Mexican government sources say Hollywood star Sean Penn met drug lord Joaquin Guzman for an interview, which eventually led to his capture. Yiming Woo reports.

“El Chapo” meeting with Sean Penn led to capture

Hollywood actor Sean Penn has played a part in capturing the world’s most wanted drug lord.

Mexican Joaquin Guzman, or “El Chapo”, was caught on Friday, six months after he escaped prison for the second time.

An interview with Penn put the police on his tracks.

Mexican government sources say authorities became aware of the meeting between Penn, a Mexican actress and Guzman in October.

They monitored Penn’s movements, which eventually led to a major breakthrough in the hunt.

In the article published in Rolling Stone magazine on Saturday, Penn said Guzman was interested in making a movie of his life.

Authorities say he contacted actresses and producers, which helped them find him.

Mexico is looking to extradite Guzman to the United States as soon as possible, as he’s wanted by authorities there on a host of criminal charges.

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