Empty streets and broken memories in Italy

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Residents of the quake-hit Italian town of Accumoli are allowed to collect personal belongings from their homes. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Empty streets and broken memories in Italy

The town nearest to the epicenter of the Italian earthquake is shut down.

The quake was so strong that the town of Accumoli literally sank by almost eight inches.

The death toll has now hit 281 — including at least 21 children,

Homes are broken open — in some cases little more than memories are left behind.

Residents on hand look at what has been left behind.

Some houses have been locked up.

Others have simply fallen apart.

A rescue worker and a resident make their way through battered streets.

The Italian flag still flies in the town as hope has faded to find more survivors and the nation prepares to bury their dead.

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