European Footgolf Championship crowns a winner

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Italy’s Marco Schiavone wins the 2015 European Footgolf Championship. Angela Moore reports.

European Footgolf Championship crowns a winner

No longer a sport oddity – footgolf – part soccer, part golf is growing in popularity – with the European Footgolf Championship being held in Spain.

International players from nine countries participated in the golf course competition while traditional golfers looked on with curiosity.

SOUNDBITE: Ernesto Gonzalez, sports manager of Palomarejos Golf, saying (Spanish):

“At the moment they think it is a little weird, a little strange, but slowly they are getting used to seeing it on the course and the truth is most of them want to try it.”

At the end of the tournament, Italian player Marco Schiavone finished 15 under par to finish in first place.

SOUNDBITE: Marco Schiavone, footgolf player, saying (Italian):

“Today it was really hard. Everyone was strong until the last hole. A nice group with Bjorn Bulk, Fernando (Lago) and Marcel (Peeper) and in the playoff, I kept calm and I will take the trophy home.”

Footgolf organizers say participation in the sport tripled in Spain this year.

And the first ever Spanish Footgolf National League recently started with more than 90 registered players.

Each possibly working toward an exciting goal in one.

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