European leaders gather in Austria for migration summit

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European Union leaders are holding a summit on the migration crisis in Austria, where protecting the border and implementing the EU-Turkey deal remain top priorities. Nathan Frandino reports.

European leaders gather in Austria for migration summit

As a relentless migration continues, European Union leaders remain locked in debate in their search for a solution.

At a summit in Austria this weekend, the focus was on protecting borders and state of the EU-Turkey deal.

Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern.


“We need control over our external borders. We have to decide who comes to Europe and not the trafficking organizations. That is the most important principle.”

They also discussed the Balkans route, which Austria and others have largely shut down this year, leaving thousands stranded in Greece.

Some countries have agreed to resettle those in Greece — but it is still a work in progress.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


“Given there are so many refugees with us, of course all member states must be on board, not only those that are on the Balkan route. But we have our responsibility to take our part of the 160,000 from Turkey that we agreed to take.”

And it’s a responsibility that – like the crisis itself – won’t be ending anytime soon.

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