Everest survivor recounts terrifying moments when earthquake triggered avalanche at base camp

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Kathmandu, April 27 (ANI): Michael Churton, a documentary film maker from New York, considers himself lucky that he managed to survive the massive earthquake and avalanche at Mount Everest base camp where he was filming a documentary on the Everest ascent. Churton, 38, was with four other colleagues at the base camp at 17,500 feet ascent when the earthquake struck, sending tons of ice and snow down the mountain. At least 17 people were killed on Mount Everest in the earthquake-triggered avalanche. More than 60 people were injured. Mountain rescue teams, helped by clear weather, used helicopters on Monday to airlift climbers still stranded. An estimated 100 climbers and guides were safe but trapped at camps 1 and 2 by the earthquake which rendered the treacherous Khumbu icefalls leading up to them from base camp impassable.

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