Exclusive: GM expands car connectivity

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GM CEO Mary Barra tells Reuters that the company plans to capitilize on the connectivity built into its cars as it takes on tech giants like Tesla and Uber. Shartia Brantley reports.

Exclusive: GM expands car connectivity

General Motors takes on tech giants.

In an exclusive Reuters interview, GM CEO Mary Barra, said the automaker will capitalize on the connectivity built into its cars, expand car sharing services, offer more autonomous driving features and enable services through smartphone apps.

Barra said:

“Our goal is to disrupt ourselves, and own the customer relationship beyond the car.”

GM and its rivals Ford, BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen are under pressure from Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, Google, Tesla and Uber to reinvent transportation. In fact Google is showing off prototypes of its autonomous car Tuesday while Tesla unveils its luxury electric suv.. the model X.

GM isn’t scheduled to launch its autonomous driving feature called SuperCruise until next year.

The company though has been more aggressive than its rivals to put high speed, 4G LTE data connections in its cars but it’s still just a tiny part of its business.

GM estimates it will earn about $350 million from 2014 to 2018 on connectivity related services, which is a small fraction of its projected revenue.

GM shares are up in early trading

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