Extreme weather threatens Mexico’s monarchs

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Violent storms damage the winter home of Monarch butterflies. Angela Moore reports.

Extreme weather threatens Mexico’s monarchs

They are among the most beautiful and delicate creatures.

And because of its stunning good looks, the monarch butterfly is considered the ‘king’ of all the butterflies.

But the monarch’s habitat is under threat.

Heavy storms earlier this year in central Mexico, uprooted tens of thousands of trees in the forest where the butterflies usually migrate for the winter.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the fierce storms caused more damage to forest than the ongoing problem of illegal logging.

SOUNDBITE: Omar Vidal, Mexico’s director for the World Wildlife Fund, saying (Spanish):

“There is encouraging news that illegal logging in the core area of the reserve went down by 40 percent in comparison with last year, but on the other hand, there is a threat by a very important factor which are the winds and storms that seriously affect the forest.”

Some fear an increase in violent weather could cause a complete loss of habitat.

Every November, the monarch travels from Canada and the United States south to Mexico to hibernate for the winter.

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