Families of missing fire fighters demand answers in Tianjin

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Families and relatives of contract fire fighters missing after deadly chemical explosions in Tianjin say they want answers. Julie Noce reports.

Families of missing fire fighters demand answers in Tianjin

Distraught families of missing contract fire fire fighters in Tianjin, China scuffled with police on Sunday during a protest.

The group wants answers about their loved ones who’ve gone missing after last week’s deadly chemicals explosions.

They say information about staff fire fighters has been made available but nothing has been said about contract fire fighters who were sent to extinguish a fire before the blasts occurred.

I don’t know if my son is alive or dead, this man said. There’s no information about contract fire fighters. We just want to know what on earth happened to them.

The death toll from the double blasts has risen to at least 112, and that number is expected to rise, officials said Sunday. At least 95 people have been reported missing.

Another group gathered Sunday in front of a hotel where news conferences are being held.

With so little information being distributed, relatives of missing fire fighters say they don’t know what else to do.

We’ve come from so far away, this woman said. We’re not here to make a fuss, we just feel so bad.

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