Fans full of praise at close of Rio Olympics

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Happy fans from around the world praise the Rio Olympics as the 2016 Games come to an end at the iconic Maracana stadium. Diane Hodges reports.

Fans full of praise at close of Rio Olympics

An approaching storm couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of fans gathering for the closing ceremonies of the Rio Olympics.

People from around the world descended upon the iconic Maracana stadium…

And all controversies and problems appear to have been forgotten, by THIS Iranian-American.


“It was just a great feeling. I got to see the American athletes as well as the Iranian athletes.”

This British visitor felt the same way.


“It’s incredible, the whole team has been fantastic and from our point of view it has been an absolute privilege to be part of that journey with the team, it has been fantastic.”

Staged despite a lack of funds, a deep recession and social turmoil, Rio unfurled South America’s first Olympic Games hoping that the power of sport would eclipse a seemingly endless list of problems.

The fans who came out to the closing ceremonies seemed to believe they had succeeded.

Now, the city extinguishes the Olympic flame but not the memories the Games have created.

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