Farmers continue to lay buried in pits to protest against land acquisition

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Jaipur (Rajasthan), Oct 19 (ANI): Farmers in Rajasthan have been staging a unique protest by partially burring themselves in dug-up pits. These farmers were protesting against the acquisition of their lands by the state government for a housing project. The unique protest which started on October 2 has reached its 18th day. As many as 50 farmers and their kin in Nindar village dug pits and trenches on October 02 and since then have kept their relay protest against alleged forceful acquisition of their 330 hectares, upon which their livelihood depends. The farmers had earlier staged a 15 days long protest which proved futile as it bore no results. Protesters’ leader Dr. Narendra Singh Shekhawat said the protest would not end till their demands are met. The farmers are demanding that a survey of the land should again be conducted and they will accept its findings, be it suited for construction or not. The Jaipur Development Authority acquired 330 hectares in 2011 and since then the farmers have been protesting against it in various ways.

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