Fatal shooting of Dwayne Wade’s cousin tops week’s crimes

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Basketball star Dwayne Wade’s cousin is shot dead while pushing a baby stroller, two Mississippi nuns are killed during an apparent robbery, and an elderly Oklahoma man beats off an attacker in this week’s crime wrap. Diane Hodges reports.

Fatal shooting of Dwayne Wade’s cousin tops week’s crimes

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson called for action to keep repeat gun offenders in jail, after a young mother was killed in the crossfire while pushing her baby in a stroller.


“When will enough be enough? How often do we have to stand here demanding a resolution?”

Johnson said police have charged two men he describes as “documented” gang members in the killing of 32-year-old Nykea Aldridge.

The mother of four is the cousin of basketball star Dwayne Wade.

Police in the small town of Durant have charged 46-year-old Rodney Earl Sanders with a murder that has rocked central Mississippi.

Sanders is accused of stabbing to death two 68-year-old nuns.

Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill were members of a Catholic order based in Kentucky who worked as nurse practitioners.

They were found dead in their home.

And an elderly man in Oklahoma became fighting mad when a knife-wielding robber demanded money and decided to fight back.


“”I got up out of my chair and I reached like I was getting my billfold and I grabbed that arm,”

Mark Curtis punched his attacker in the jaw so hard that the man fell down and then ran away.

Curtis suffered several stab wounds in the arm, but he still plans to go to his grandson’s wedding, where he’ll be the best man, in more ways than one.

And that’s wraps up this week’s crimes.

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