Fate of iconic JNU Ganga Dhaba uncertain as administration serves eviction notice

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New Delhi, Aug 21 (ANI): Jawaharlal Nehru University is in news again but it’s not Kanhaiya Kumar this time. Iconic Ganga Dhaba on the JNU campus may shut down as the authorities served an eviction notice to the owner Bharat Tomar, who had time until the morning of August 18 to move out. Failure to do so would result in use of force by the authorities and Tomar alone would be held responsible for the consequences. The authorities are unhappy about the possession and claim that Tomar doesn’t have a licence to operate and hence, should close shop but students have a differing opinion. A Facebook group named after the eatery, almost as old as the campus, has nearly 13,000 members. An old-timer went to the extent of describing the eatery as “a dhaba with university facilities” No wonder, the students are upset with the developments as this dhaba has been witnessing endless sleepless nights of students and outsiders indulged in deep intellectual debates and discussions.

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