Fire tears through refugee camp in Iraq

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No one is injured, but more than 70 tents are destroyed when fire breaks out in a refugee camp near the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. Diane Hodges reports.

Fire tears through refugee camp in Iraq

These refugees fled to this camp near the city of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq to escape from the approaching forces of Islamic State.

Now, they’re fleeing from a fire that destroyed more than 70 tents in the camp.

The facility houses about 500 families from other parts of Iraq.

Local officials have appealed to the United Nations for help in replacing the tents and other vital supplies that were lost.

But the UN estimates that the fighting between Iraqi forces and Islamic State has forced about 3-point-4 million people to leave their homes.

And they say hundreds of thousands more could be uprooted by the latest military offensive to dislodge the Islamic State from Mosul.

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